The Renegade Hercules Door Lite Cut-Out Machine for rectangular, curved and multi-lite cut-outs in wood, fiberglass, or metal doors. Face boring is standard with a bulit-in steel template adjustable for backsets from 2 3/8″ to 2-3/4″. The two speed cutter head is supported by cross mounted lineal bearing shafts for length and width travel.

This design eliminates cut out templates for rectangular lites since adjustable stops can be locked directly on the shafts to limit cutter head travel. For curved or multiple lite cut-outs, plywood templates slide into a holder above the door.

In operation, a door is rolled into the machine against a rectactable doorstop. The clamp button brings in the adjustable fence to sandwich the door firmly against the fixed fence. Another button lowers the cutter, and the operator manually moves the carriage along the lineal bearing shafts, to make the cut. During the cutting operation the spindle automatically moves up and down to avoid overheating.

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